19 ago. 2009

The way to start a day

Me encontré un libro para niños y me gustó la idea....quiero comenzar así : )


Some people say there is a new sun every day, that it begins its life at dawn and lives for one day only..

They say you have to welcome it..

You have to make the sun happy. You have to make a good day for it. You have to make a good world for it to live its one-day life in..

And the way to start, they say, is just by looking east at dawn.

When they look east tomorrow, you can too. Your song will be an offering ---

...and you´ll be one more person in one more place at one more time in the world saying hello to the sun, letting it know you are there.

If the sky turns a color sky never was before -- just watch it.

That´s part of the magic. That´s the way to start a day.

by Byrd B.

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[ [ ©ØNÿFaXï ] ] dijo...

hay q' amar al señor sol y decirle buenos dias señor sol, se ve hermoso hoy!!


Ŧirє dijo...

que impotencia no saber ingles..¡¡